City Council Approves Dog Park in Midwest City

Midwest City residents will soon have a dog park to take their canine friends to that will feature separate recreational areas for small and large dogs, water for both owners and dogs, and plenty of shade.

“The city felt like it was time for a dog park. We built a skate park and splash pads, now it’s time for a dog park,” Midwest City Parks and Recreation Supervisor Fran Gilles said. ”We are excited to get this project going. It will be a nice asset to the City of Midwest City.”

On July 13, 2010, the City Council approved the Parks and Recreation Department’s proposal to build a 2.5-3.5 acre dog park in the northwestern region of Joe B. Barnes Regional Park. The proposal was recommended by the Dog Park Committee that was approved last spring by the City Council.

“The committee represents our vision for the dog park well. It is comprised of Midwest City residents, veterinarians, Animal Welfare staff, dog lovers, Parks and Recreation staff and Animal’s Best Friend representatives,” Gilles said. ”The committee is currently researching the pros and cons of other parks. Their goal is to develop a dog park that is safe, user-friendly, and an enjoyable experience for both the owners and their dogs.”

From their research, the committee has outlined key features they would like to incorporate into the new Midwest City Dog Park:
Durable flooring such as concrete or AstroTurf in the entry ways to improve the level of safety in high traffic areas.
Install park entrances towards the middle of the park rather than the corner, providing a safer entry point for owners and their dogs by reducing the amount of traffic from dogs greeting others at the gates.
Easy-to-find bulletin boards at the entrances displaying information on safety tips, park rules, upcoming pet adoptions, and lost and found animals.
Drinking water and plenty of shade for both owners and dogs.
Recreational water feature for the dogs such as a pond or sprinkler.
Quality fencing along the north side of the park facing Reno Avenue such as rod iron or vinyl coated.
The committee is in the early planning stages and is currently working on a conceptual drawing of the park. Although a timeline for the project has not been announced, they plan to launch the project in at least two phases.

The city budgeted $75,000 for phase one of the park which is allocated from the existing Dedicated Park Funds. Most of the work on the park will be completed by the city. Some of the park features such as the fencing will require the city to accept bids.