Housing Programs

If you have any questions about any of the programs listed below, please contact 405.739.1216.

Housing Rehabilitation Program is a city-wide interest-free loan program for low and moderate income homeowners to improve their homes.  Activity is funded with other source.

Primary Systems Home Repair is a city-wide program for low-income home owners to address emergency home repairs that would impose undue hardship. Work items are limited to repair/ replacement of failed primary systems.

Homebuyer Assistance Program provides a 6-year deferred loan for closing costs and a portion of downpayment for eligible properties and qualified homebuyers. Funds are from HOME program or other source.

Purchase/Rehabilitation/Infill program provides  for purchase/rehabilitation and/or reconstruction of affordable housing. Activity is funded with HOME program income and is contingent upon funding, program approval, and available building lots.

Property Maintenance Program supports concentrated code enforcement of existing structures within low/moderate-income neighborhoods.

Slum/Blight Improvement Program is a city-wide program supporting the city's code enforcement program in regard to dilapidated structures and includes acquisition, limited rehabilitation, and/or demolition/clearance of distressed properties.

Transitional (supportive) Housing for Families provides four single-family properties. Case management and life skills training for homeless families are provided by non-profit organization. Operating costs are provided by other funding sources.