Municipal Authority awards contract for curbside recycling

The Midwest City Municipal Authority recently awarded a contract to Republic Services for the implementation and bi-weekly pick-up services for curbside recycling throughout the city limits.

The winning bid allows for a co-mingled, single-stream of recyclable material to be added to a 95 gallon, wheeled and lidded container, provided by Republic Services. The service is expected to begin July 1, 2013.

The cost of the service will be $2.75 per month, which will be added to residents’ monthly sanitation bill. Because of the increase in the sanitation rate, the Municipal Authority will be reviewing ways that residents can possibly lower their rates.

According to J. Guy Henson, City Manager, the authority may consider offering residents the use of a smaller trash cart, with a reduced rate of possibly $1.25 per month. Some citizens do not need the large cart, so by using a smaller one, their monthly rate could be reduced.

“Our staff and Municipal Authority are sensitive to concerns about raising the sanitation rate $2.75 per month and we will be looking at possible ways to help reduce the monthly sanitation rate, since offering the curbside recycling service,” Henson said.

Janacek said that city officials have been looking into curbside recycling as a way for the city to take a big step in becoming greener. He added that this process will allow our residents to actively participate in the process.

Currently, the city owns and operates a drive-up recycling center that has not adequately met the needs of citizens and is often filled to capacity, making it difficult for citizens to drop off their recyclable material.

“With curbside recycling services now being offered to all our citizens, they won’t experience the inconvenience of long lines and overflowing bins,” Janacek said.

With the non-segregated, single stream approach to the recycling process, residents will be able to discard their plastics, paper, glass, cardboard, aluminum, steel or tin cans into the one cart. “This method provides a simple process for our residents,” Janacek added.

The Municipal Authority will be considering changes to the city ordinance in March that will affect the monthly sanitation rates and possible options being offered to residents.