Parks and Recreation

The Parks & Recreation Department is proud to provide citizens and visitors opportunities to live healthier and happier lives through recreation activities and leisure experiences.

Our services provide the background to enrich lives, provide life long memories and safe outlets for physical activities, socialization and stress reducing experiences.

Our agency touches the lives of individuals, families, groups and the entire community which positively impacts the social, economic, health and environmental quality of our community.

We invite you to join your community in an enriched life, through the liberating spirit of recreation experiences and in the pursuit of happiness through cultural special events.

Office hours:

Monday, Wednesday
Tuesday, Thursday, Friday

Upcoming Events

Parks & Recreation Department is located in the Nick Harroz Community Center
200 N. Midwest Boulevard
North of City Hall/Police Station
Reno and Midwest Boulevard
Fax: (405)869-8603

Parks and Recreation
(405) 739-1293

Parks and Recreation Supervisor
(405) 739-1291

Sports Supervisor
(405) 739-1292

Aquatics Supervisor
(405) 739-1288

Special Events Coordinator
(405) 739-1289

Community Center
(405) 739-1294

Senior Citizen's
(405) 737-7611