Auction / Estate

Permits are $5, and are valid 1 day only. Citizens are limited to 1 permit per 12-month, no exceptions.

An auction or estate sale is "…an event involving the sale of personal property through the process of bidding."

Restrictions & Requirements
Customer must submit a list of all items to be sold, and the sale can only be from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

"Signs advertising the auction/estate sale are permitted. Signs may be no larger than 2 square feet in area and shall be limited in number to 2 signs on the property involved and 2 signs off the premises."

All signs must comply with the Temporary Sign Ordinance. There is a $50 charge for every sign, up to 4 signs, or you may purchase our Garage Sale signs for $1.50 a sign.