Peddlers Permit

  • Non profit paperwork is required.
  • No one under 16 is to be issued a permit or allowed to be a helper.
  • Main requirement: a valid picture ID and full OSBI background check.
  • Business must maintain a C+ or better on the BBB.
Applicant must have City Clerk approval before permit can be issued. If the applicant is going to be selling goods or merchandise at a fixed location, they will also need the Planning Department's approval.

If the applicant is going to be setting up an overhead tent or structure, they will also have to get a Certificate of Occupancy from Community Development.

Sec. 32-25
  • No prorated amounts. A peddler is any person who travels from house to house or place to place carrying goods or merchandise for sale, or anyone selling goods or merchandise at a fixed location
  • Veterans and Nonprofit organizations are exempt from the fee, but they are still required to get a permit. However, nonprofit organizations can only have a permit for 15 days out of the calendar year. [Sec. 32-3(b)]
  • Peddlers, who operate from a fixed location, shall not be permitted to renew the permit or operate from the same location for a period six months. (Sec. 32-28.1)
Entitled to Helpers
Each permit fee shall be entitled to a helper(s), but each additional helper other than the allowed shall pay a fee of $50 (for 90 days), or $25 (for 45 days). Each helper shall have to make application and have approval from the required departments.

Semiannually priced
All permits shall expire on December 31st or the last day of June.