Sanitation Services

When initiating services, if you do not already have a container, there is a 5-10 business day grace period for the delivery of a poly-cart.
  • Poly-carts provided by the Sanitation Department should be placed within 2 feet from the curb and must be placed before 7 a.m. on your pick up day.
  • Additional poly-carts are available to residents for $7.00 per month, per cart. Please call 405-739-1252 or 405-739-1254 to order an additional cart.
  • If poly-cart is damaged or stolen please notify the Police Department. If the cart needs to be repaired, please contact Sanitation at 405-739-1066.
  • We do not offer a "big trash" pick-up day; however, we do offer a free dump up to 4 times a year at our refuse station located at 8730 Southeast 15th Street. For restrictions and regulations, please contact Sanitation at 739-1066. We also offer special pick-ups at $55 per half hour for residents and $80 for landlords and/or property managers.