GIS / Mapping

The mission of the GIS Division is to provide the citizens of Midwest City, the staff of Midwest City and other interested parties with maps and related information on a timely basis and in a comprehensive manner. This site will provide customers with map data for information, analysis, and representation purposes of Midwest City's land, recreational and infrastructure assets.
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Interactive Map Gallery  ...coming soon
This section stores an assortment of easy-to-use, interactive maplets (web map applets) with specific themes, uses, and/or contents that are user-friendly and purpose-specific:
  • Find Zoning
  • Ponies on Parade
  • Find a Garage Sale
Citizen MapViewer
Provides a more robust, interactive mapping application that allows users to explore Midwest City’s GIS data in more detail, perform basic analysis with the data, do map markups, and print custom maps on demand

Downloadable Maps
Grants access to a variety of maps in PDF format that the viewer can download and print and/or view as needed locally

Developer’s Resource
Allows users to request forms for land developers and building contractors to request access to utility (water, wastewater, storm/drainage) maps for specific areas of the City of Midwest City from the GIS Division

Data & Printed Map Services
Stores information regarding how to obtain digital data specific to Midwest City and how to purchase hard-copy maps or digital data on a CD or flash drive from the City of Midwest City

Technical Information
Provides a summary of helpful information for using the GIS website, including terms of use, browser and system requirements, description of GIS, and links to other websites that may be useful