Pharmaceutical Drop Off

We all have been sick at 1 time or another and most of us have a prescription or 2 lying around and don't know a safe place to dispose it. Historically, it was recommended to flush left over prescriptions down the toilet.

Although the water we flush and pour down the drain is treated and cleaned, pharmaceuticals are not removed in the process can end up back in our drinking water.


To safely dispose of your prescription pills please use the prescription drop box at the following locations:
  • Choctaw Police Department
    Address: 13240 North West 23rd Street
    Phone: 405-769-3821
  • Del City Police Department
    Address: 2800 Epperly Drive
    Phone: 405-677-2443
  • Harrah Police Department
    Address: 1093 North Harrah Road
    Phone: 405-454-2222
  • MWC - Oklahoma County Sheriff's Office
    Address: 8029 South East 29th Street
    Phone: 405-896-2500
  • Oklahoma County Sheriff's Office
    Address: 201 North Shartel
    Phone: 405-236-3131

Additional Locations

Please view the Additional Pharmaceutical Drop Off Locations (PDF).