Sanitation Services (Trash)

The Department's primary purpose is to collect and dispose of all accumulated refuse so to maintain a safe and clean environment for families and businesses. This division is also a member of the Solid Waste Association of North America (SWANA).
  1. Bulk Trash Pick-up

    Upon customer request, a Special Pick-Up for excessive amounts of brush and/or large bulky household items can be arranged.

  2. Commercial Services

    Get the details of the commercial services offered by the Sanitation Division on Midwest City.

  3. Holiday Schedule

    See a list of the 5 holidays that are observed by the Sanitation Division of Midwest City.

  4. Residential Services

    Find out about the sanitation services offered to the residents of Midwest City.

  5. Special Services

    In an effort to provide services designed for meeting all of our citizens, the sanitation department provides several special services designed to be convenient and cost-effective to our citizens.

  6. Upright Cart Guidelines

    Get information how carts should be handled in Midwest City.