Green Trash Cart Guidelines

Make sure you don't attach any type of strap to your cart because this will prevent us from being able to empty the contents of your cart.

Cart Reminders

  1. Your monthly solid waste fee includes one 95-gallon cart.
  2. If you need more than one cart, we can provide additional carts for a fee of $5.50 per cart, per month. If you would like an additional cart, you can contact Customer Service at 739-1252.
  3. For the cleanliness and safety of our community, please don't overload your cart so that the lid cannot completely close. Unfortunately, we cannot empty carts that are overloaded.
  4. Your cart is assigned to your specific residence and remains there. If you move, please notify Customer Service at 739-1252.
  5. Our collection equipment requires five feet between carts so if you have two carts, please make sure they are five feet apart when you set them out.
  6. Make sure your carts are five feet apart from any other obstruction such as vehicles, trees, or mail boxes.
  7. Please place your cart at the curb with arrows facing the road.
  8. Make sure your carts are not hidden from the view of our solid waste employees. Carts that are behind parked carts or hedges can't be seen and won't be emptied. (If we have to return to empty the cart because it was obstructed from our driver's view, there is a return fee. We don't want you to have to pay any additional fees.)
  9. It is best for our environment to take your yard waste (grass clippings, leaves, small brush, etc.) to our Compost Facility at 7420 NE 36th Street. For those rare instances when you have to use your cart, make sure to play the yard waste in bags first, then place the bags in the cart so it will be completely emptied. (Please note that because of the way our equipment works, the driver is not able to see if the entire contents of your cart have been emptied. Using bags for yard waste ensures that it will be emptied.)
  10. Make sure to place your cart of the curb before 7 a.m., the day of your collection, and return to your storage area the same evening.
  11. We can only accept household waste in your cart. We cannot collect chemicals, such as swimming pool additives, paints, and pesticides. Please contact our Household Hazardous Waste Facility at 739-1049 to make arrangements for disposal of these type of items. This service is free to Midwest City resident. You can help keep our route service persons safe by properly disposing of these types of items and you can avoid the ticket that issued when hazardous chemicals are placed in the cart.
  12. Because of the way our equipment works, we can only collect household waste that is in your cart. We are not able to collect any bags or boxes placed next to your cart.
  13. If your cart is stolen or vandalized, contact the Midwest City Police Department at 739-1388 as soon as possible.