Blue Recycling Cart Guidelines

  1. Place carts at the curb or curb line.
  2. All carts need to be free of obstruction so make sure they not not behind vehicles or shrubs, etc.
  3. Place carts at curb side no earlier than 7 p.m. the evening prior to collection and no later than 7 a.m. the day of collection
  4. We can't accept any other types of waste at the curb other than your cart(s).
  5. Acceptable material consist of paper, metal and plastic.
  6. Please use paper bags if you wish to bag your recyclable items. We can't accept plastic bags.
  7. Please rinse empty containers before putting them in the cart.
  8. If you would like to have a second recycle cart, request one by calling 739-1063. 
  9. If the cart is stolen or vandalized, contact Midwest City Police Department at 739-1388 as soon as possible.
Please click here for a curbside recycling map.

Please click here for a curbside recycling calendar.

Please click here for an acceptable commodities list.