The Stormwater Quality Division was created as a result of the Environmental Protection Agency’s phase two Stormwater regulations of the Clean Water Act which the City of Midwest City is required to meet.  

The goal of these regulations is to restore and maintain the chemical, physical, and biological integrity of the nation's waters so that they can support the protection of fish, wildlife, and recreation in and on our water.
  1. About Us

    The purpose of the Stormwater Quality Division is to promote public health, safety and welfare by maintaining and improving the quality of receiving waters for Midwest City.

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    View Stormwater Management applications and forms for Midwest City.

  3. Glossary of Stormwater Terms

    View important terms relating to Stormwater Management.

  4. Public Participation

    Would you like to be a solution to pollution? Midwest City offers several ways to get involved or to help keep our city clean and the environment happy.

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  6. Stormwater Quality Complaint Form

    Please take the time fill out any complaints you have regarding stormwater quality via an online form.