Public Participation

Would you like to be a solution to pollution? Midwest City offers several ways to get involved or to help keep our city clean and the environment happy.

Adopt a Storm Drain

Storm drains are meant to carry clean storm water to local creeks and lakes, not pollutants. If you would like to spread the message, "only rain goes down the storm drains", contact us. We have a program in which residents can install educational stormwater markers to let people know that dumping pollutants will not be tolerated in your neighborhood!

Adopt a Creek

Do you have a creek or waterway that is looking a little "trashy"? How would you like to be part of the solution and coordinate a creek clean-up in your neighborhood? If you are interested, contact us to "adopt a creek" via email.


Are you looking for an interesting discussion topic for your next Neighborhood Association meeting or how about some quick information on being a good environmental steward? Or, if you want to get the word out about some of the ways you can help improve water quality, please the following documents: