Public Education

The Public Education Division of the fire department is primarily responsible for developing, implementing, and evaluating life safety programs. This office administers ten programs.  
  1. 5th Grade Science

    The fifth grade fire safety science program teaches students about reality of fire versus television, the fire tetrahedron, home hazards, cooking hazards, burn prevention and extinguishing techniques. We also incorporate learning activities, video, and a fire safety game.

  2. Child Passenger Safety

    Four out of five car seats are used incorrectly, make sure you know the proper way to strap your kid into the car correctly.

  3. Cooking & Home Fire Safety

    This program is geared toward junior high and high school home economics students or other groups interested in learning about cooking and home fire safety.

  4. CPR

    There are several levels of CPR training offered by the American Heart Association. The class offered by the Midwest City Fire Department is the Family and Friends Program.

  5. Learn Not to Burn

    The Learn Not to Burn Preschool program is a practical pilot-tested and evaluated program to teach fire safety awareness and skills to children in a child care center.

  6. Operation Firesafe

    Curiosity with fire is normal among children. But, setting fires should not be considered "normal" behavior.

  7. Remembering When

    The Midwest City Fire Department would like to offer older adults in our community education on falls and fire prevention.

  8. Save-A-Life

    Find out how you can have a fire detector installed in your home if you are on elderly or disabled citizen of Midwest City.

Line of children wait to talk to fire fighter