Tournament Information

Golf Tournament Winners Posing with Their Trophies

John Conrad Golf Course is the perfect place to hold your next  golf tournament. For complete details, please call 405-732-2209.
  2019 upcoming tournaments that are open to the public. Please contact tournament directors for more information.
      March 2nd- OJGT. Contact OGA website. Rescheduled for March 9th and 10th.
      March 24th - SWAG. Contact Chasity at 637-9839 
      March 27th - Monroney Boys
      March 28th - Carl Albert HS Boys
      March 29th - OWGA. Contact Judy at 659-3916
      March 30th - NE Baptist Church. Contact Mike at 795-0770
       April 2nd - Choctaw HS Boys
       April 4th - Choctaw HS Girls
       April 12th - FOD Tinker. Contact Charles at 640-6724
       April 16th - MWC SRs. Contact Strippy at 620-5279
       April 18th - Carl Albert HS  Girls
       April 19th - Back the Blue. Contact Sue at 869-8647
       April 23rd - MWC HS Boys
       April 27th - Mike and Tom Memorial. Contact Teresa at 640-6247
       April 28th - Carl Albert QB Club. Contact Mike at 326-4034
       April 30th - MWC SRs   







October 12th -