Dress Code and Rules of Court

  1. No shorts
  2. No mini-skirts or mini-length dresses
  3. No crop/spaghetti straps/tank/tube tops or dresses
  4. No off-the-shoulder/sleeveless tops or dresses
  5. No muscle shirts
  6. No mid-driff or low-cut shirts/blouses
  7. No backless, razorback tops/blouses or dresses
  8. No ripped jeans
  9. No flip-flops or slides, house shoes or slippers (You must wear shoes.)
  10. No pajamas
  11. No revealing clothing
  12. No shirts with inappropriate graphics/obscene language
  13. No hats, head wraps (other than religious head coverings), doo rags, beanies or stocking caps or sunglasses
  14. No sagging
Other inappropriate clothing not listed is at the discretion of the Court. Dress code is strictly enforced.

  1. Children are not allowed in the Courtroom. If your child cannot be quiet while in the lobby, you will have to take your child out of the lobby.
  2. Backpacks, large purses and totes are not allowed in the Court.
  3. Cell phones must be turned off or on silent at all times while in the Court. If your phone goes off in court, it will be confiscated. Use of phones is allow in the Court yard, but not in the lobby.
  4. No food, gum or drinks allowed in the Court
  5. Fines are due in full when you appear for Court. Only the Judge may grant an extension or time payment. Additional fee may be added for any payment other than in full.
  6. Acceptable forms of payment are: Cash, Debit/Credit Card (Name on card and ID must match), Money Order or Cashier's Check. You can pay your fine online at PayMidwestCity.com or by phone at 800-444-1187.
  7. Bonds are cash or surety only. Appeal bonds are cash only.
  8. No profanity or abusive language or conduct will be tolerated.
  9. Read all forms carefully.
  10. The Lobby, Courtroom and Clerk Counter are video monitored 24/7.