Chaplain Don Udell

In 2010, Dr. Udell retired from the Council on Law Enforcement Education and Training (CLEET).

He began his career with CLEET as an Adjunct Instructor in 1986. In 1991, Dr. Udell accepted a full-time position as an Instructor and Special Investigator with CLEET.

He maintained that position until 1993. After a respite from CLEET, Dr. Udell returned to CLEET in 2008 as the Chief Policy and Curriculum Development Officer, soon to include Academy Coordinator in his responsibilities.

Prior to joining the CLEET staff, Dr. Udell was a professor at the University of Oklahoma for fourteen years and the University of Missouri for three years.

After receiving his Associate Degree from Eastern Arizona Junior College, Dr. Udell joined the United States Marine Corps where he served as a Marine Aviator.
Chaplain Don Udell
He is a Vietnam veteran and a member of the Disabled American Veterans Association. Upon his Honorable Discharge, Dr. Udell continued his education earning a Bachelor's Degree and a Masters Degree in education from the University of Arizona and later a Doctorate from Arizona State University.

While serving on the Graduate faculty at the University of Oklahoma, Dr. Udell published eleven articles and five monographs. He was selected as Professor of the Year in 1986 at the University of Oklahoma. He chaired and served on 126 Doctoral committees.

Dr. Udell was appointed by the Governor to serve on and chair the Prison Site Selection Task Force and to initiate the Non-Violent Intermediate Offenders Program for the State of Oklahoma. Dr. Udell was also highly acclaimed for his study involving Oklahoma's recidivism rate of intermediate offenders.

Because of his education and training, Dr. Udell was instrumental in academic transformation in the CLEET Basic Academy. The Ethics curriculum was improved and made its own block of instruction. Testing procedures were modified, exams and curriculum were updated and revised, and numerous other cadet activities were initiated.

In September 2010 Dr. Udell received the "Character First Award" for Law Enforcement in the State of Oklahoma.

Dr. Udell continues to serve as an Adjunct Instructor for the Basic Academy, Refresher classes (reciprocity and over 5 years) and continuing education classes. Dr. Udell is always ready to serve the peace officers of Oklahoma. Currently Dr. Udell is serving as Chaplain for the Midwest City Police Department and conducts a Jail Ministry for Midwest City Jail Inmates.

Dr. Udell and his wife of over 45 years, Myrna, have a daughter, Mindy, and a grandson, Spencer. When not teaching or speaking, he enjoys spending as much time as possible with Spencer, teaching him all the things a grandpa should.