Community Programs

  1. Citizen's Police Academy

    In an effort to educate Midwest City residents about the ongoing work of the Police Department, local law enforcement officials conduct the annual Citizen's Police Academy.

  2. Crime Free Business

    Crime Free Business is a program dedicated to improving the relationship between the Midwest City business community and its police department, while improving the quality of commerce in Midwest City area.

  3. Crime Free Multi-Housing Program

    The Crime Free Multi-Housing Program is a certification process which includes training in three phases.

  4. Emergency Locate and Find (ELF)

    The Emergency Locate & Find Program, or ELF, was designed to assist the Midwest City Police Department patrol division in locating missing persons.

  5. Neighborhood Associations

    Access information for Neighborhood Associations in Midwest City.

  6. Police Community Advisory Board

  7. Police Explorers

    Sponsored by the Midwest City Police Department, the purpose of the Explorer Post #624 is to acquaint young men and women with a working knowledge of the operations and procedures of the department and other law enforcement agencies.

  8. TRIAD

    TRIAD is a partnership of three organizations - law enforcement, senior citizens and the Sheriff's office.