Soldier Creek Nature Trail & Memory Lane

Mother, Daughter, and Son on a Bike Ride
In 1993, Midwest City citizen Hazel Craddock approached the City Council about establishing a nature trail along the banks of the Soldier Creek, located in the Joe B. Barnes Regional Park.

Today, the Soldier Creek Nature Trail and Memory Lane is a favorite place for residents to gather, walk, run and enjoy the outdoors. The trail is nestled along the Soldier Creek banks and the John Conrad Golf Course making the trails a beautiful and serene setting for visitors.

In addition, the trails system provides walking access to municipal buildings, the City library, and the Senior Center.

Currently, the trails system is approximately 7 miles in length, with future plans to expand.

Paving Stones
If you would like to commemorate someone, monogrammed paving stones continue to be installed in Memory Lane. There are two sizes of commemorative personalized stones available, small, which cost $50 each and large, which cost $100 each.