Spirit Trail & Hazel Craddock Memory Lane


Spirit Trails Network

The Spirit Trails Network is Midwest City’s growing recreational trail system.  Currently, we have seven miles of paved trails that will be expanded to 11 miles over the next few years.  The trails system is open to anyone who wants to walk or ride a bicycle in a peaceful setting.  It follows streams and rail road tracks and soon it will form an interconnected trail system that will span the length of the City.   The Spirit Trails Network will eventually connect to the River Trails system in Oklahoma City.  

SCIP Trails


The SCIP Trails were developed in 2017 with mountain bike enthusiasts in mind, however these trails are for anyone who wants to escape the feel of the city without leaving the city limits.  SCIP Trails encompass a 77 acre parcel made up of prairie and forest laced with roughly three miles of wide winding dirt trails sprinkled with various benches for jumping.  There is a trail head parking lot with picnic tables located just east of the corner of 23rd and Air Depot. 

Memory Lane

In 1993, Midwest City citizen Hazel Craddock approached the City Council about establishing a nature trail along the banks of Soldier Creek located in the Joe B. Barnes Regional Park.  Today a special part of the Soldier Creek Nature Trail is dedicated to Hazel.  It was recently renamed Hazel Craddock’s Memory Lane.   

Paving Stones

If you would like to commemorate someone, monogrammed paving stones continue to be installed in Memory Lane. There are two sizes of commemorative personalized stones available, small, which cost $50 each and large, which cost $100 each.