Youth associations/organizations open invite

Young Dances at Dance and Combo Class Event


Midwest City Parks and Recreation Department is inviting youth recreational associations/organizations to provide information in regard to becoming the main association/organization for youth classes in Midwest City.

Any questions should be directed to Fran Gilles, Parks and Recreation Manager at 405-739-1291 or

1. BACKGROUND – The Nick Harroz Midwest City Community Center is owned by the City of Midwest City (hereinafter Owner). The Nick Harroz Midwest City Community Center is under the guidance of the Midwest City Parks & Recreation Department. The Owner agrees to allow a Youth Recreational Class Association/Organization (hereinafter Sponsor) to conduct a youth recreational class program with such classes as Pom, Ballet, Tumbling, and Cheer, etc., at the Nick Harroz Midwest City Community Center.

2. Midwest City Staff

Fran Gilles-Parks & Recreation Manager

 Special Events Assistant

3. PROPOSAL – The requested information will need to cover the following services and products:

 Association background – Provide a background along with the associations current mission statement and short term and long term goals.

 Class structure – Provide a description of any classes proposed, age requirements, cost of each class, time frame proposed to hold the class and any limit of participants for each class.

 Instructors – Provide and describe any instructors certifications and or/experience in classes that will be conducted.

 Rental Fees - In lieu of payment for leasing the above listed facility, the Sponsor is solely responsible for enrollment and collections of fees for participants who have enrolled in these classes.

 Enrollment fees – Provide an overview of all class prices and percentage that the Owner will receive.

 Equipment – Describe any equipment that will be used to conduct the classes, i.e. mats, sound equipment.

 Insurance – Sponsor will provide the following insurance requirements: General Liability Insurance of at least the statutory amounts ($25,000 Property Damage, $100,000.00 Personal Injury per Claimant to a maximum of 10 Claimants or $1,000,000.00) as found in Title 51, Oklahoma Statutes, Sections 151-171;


Worker’s Compensation Insurance; Unemployment Insurance and any other coverage of any sort required by any applicable local, state or federal law.

4. BENEFITS – Explain the benefits of your association and how the Midwest City Parks and Recreation Department would benefit from sanctioning its youth recreational classes your organization.

5. SELECTION – Midwest City Staff will discuss and recommend to the Midwest City Council its associations selection.

The requested information can be sent via email to Fran Gilles at or sent to Midwest City Parks and Recreation, 200 N. Midwest Blvd, Midwest City, Okla. 73110 and must be received by July 21, 2017. Please understand, by responding to this request for information, in no way should suggest, imply or obligate the Midwest City Parks and Recreation Department to become affiliated with your organization.

We thank you for any interest you have and for your time in providing the desired information.