Common Code Violations

  • Tall Grass and Weeds - Grass and weeds become in violation when they reach 12 inches or more in height. Property owners are also responsible for maintaining alleyways and right of ways and easements, adjacent to their property.
  • Trash and Debris - Anything that is not designed for outdoor use, for a residential area, can not be stored outside.
  • Inoperable Vehicle - Examples are but not limited to,  wrecked vehicles, partially or fully dismantled, any vehicle that has a flat tire, and any vehicle not properly tagged. This covers any and all vehicles anywhere on the property, including driveways.
  • Trees - It is the property owner's responsibility to maintain all trees, shrubs, etc, in yards, along sidewalks and streets. Any tree or shrub obstructing a person's view in the 25 foot sight triangle on a corner lot, or that is less than twelve (12) feet above the roadway and overhanging the right of way,is a violation.

For a complete definition and/or to look up all other City Nuisance Codes, visit the municode library