Organizing a Neighborhood Watch Association

In order to form a Neighborhood Watch Association follow these steps:
  • Establish the need for a NWA
  • Select a president and block captains to organize the NWA
  • Contact a neighborhood initiative coordinator and CAO to present the NWA to the group
  • Select a location to hold the NWA start-up meeting
  • Select a date and time for the NWA meeting
  • Prepare an agenda for the NWA start-up meeting
  • Invite your neighbors to the NWA start-up meeting
Identify Some Preliminary Goals for the Community:
  • Specific so you have a clear idea of what actions need to be taken
  • Measurable so you know when the goal is achieved
  • Challenging, but realistic
  • Have significance to you and the community
  • Wishes or hopes that are written down on paper
  • Motivating and challenging without being rigid

Set a Date for the Achievement of the Goals listed:
  • Long-range goals - accomplished in a 3 to 5 year period
  • Short-range goals - accomplished in a 6 month to 1 year period
  • Immediate goals - must be accomplished consistently to move forward to the short-range goals
  • Determine the concerns of the community in regards to the crimes occurring in their area
  • Ascertain from the MWC PD the reported crimes occurring in their area
  • Design programs to address the concerns of the community
  • Advance and maintain the programs so that the community will participate
  • Evaluate the success of the Neighborhood Watch program as it relates to crime reduction and the fear of the crime
  • Address other issues or concerns that the community may have (i.e. disaster preparedness, health safety issues)