Maintaining an Active Program

Successful Neighborhood Watch Programs:
  • Must get everyone in the community involved (young/old, married/single, homeowner/renter)
  • Communicate with the NWA participants
  • People have a need to know what is going on in the group
  • People need to feel like their ideas and inputs are valued
  • People need to feel that the NWA is working
  • Hold regular meetings
  • Share information (good and bad) with your neighbors
Communication is Key
  • Meeting announcements should be to the point and timely so that people can get it on their calendar
  • Encourage block captains and other neighbors within the community to take a leading role at meetings
  • Keep meeting brief and on target
  • Develop a newsletter to keep your neighbors informed - distribute on a regular basis
  • Develop a website to keep your neighbors informed
  • Develop an email tree to keep your neighbors informed
  • Recognized your neighbors for the good things they do within your community
  • Make sure the community knows that you are getting things done
  • Encourage social events where you can communicate more informally
  • Be conscious of the tone of voice and language used when communicating with people