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Stay Connected is a great way to learn about what is going at the City by participating in one or more of our communication methods.  All you have to do is sign up and you will receive direct communications through phone calls, emails and text.  You can also receive our monthly e-newsletter, City View, or follow us on Facebook and Twitter and receive up-to-date information directly from our computer to your .Iphone or Android, Ipad or computer. Please read below to learn how you can
 Stay Connected!  

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MyMWC App:

 Residents have the opportunity to download this free app through either your Iphone or Android Store. The app will allow you to communicate directly with city department's about things you have seen which need to be attended to, such as, a street light out, potholes, graffeti, broken park equipment, etc.  The app will also allow you take a photo of the subject that you are reporting.  Once you have sent a notice into the city, you will receive a follow-up status report as well as a notification that the problem has been resolved.

MWC Notify: ​

  Residents may sign-up to receive public notifications from the city regarding changes in city services, events, emergencies and for many other purposes.  To receive messages from the city via phone call, text or email, please click here.