Police Community Advisory Board

**There are currently no vacancies on the Board**

This volunteer board is established in an effort to provide quality policing, in direct partnership with the citizens we serve, through an open flow of communication, information, and the sharing of ideas.


To develop and maintain a partnership between the community and the Police Department. This is an effort to reduce crime, and to enhance the quality of life for all citizens through positive and open communication. The Board is created to facilitate interaction between the Police Department and a committee of citizens which is a diverse, yet representative entity, derived from a wide section of the community. The Board will assist the Police Department in establishing the highest standards for police accountability and therefore, increase the public's trust.

Additional Duties

  • Maintain a consistent partnership between the community and law enforcement.
  • Serve to help reduce crime and enhance the quality of life for all citizens.
  • Establish goals that can be accomplished through positive and open communication.
  • Help community groups share responsibility for police accountability and the commitment to serve.
  • Establish a process to enhance community dialogue at meetings and other events to enhance public trust.
  • Create processes to help address issues of bias based policing.
  • Improve interaction between police and citizens through education and training.
  • Establish a community process to gain input that includes all diverse community groups.
  • Assist law enforcement in helping to maintain police standards for accountability.
  • Strengthen and ensure the application of equal protection under the law for all persons.