Auto Burglary Prevention

About Auto-Burglaries:
The majority of the auto burglaries occur in residential areas during the dark hours, when most people are sleeping... and unaware until morning. The fewer daylight auto burglaries that occur usually do so at parks and businesses such as tanning and fitness centers, or other places that people prefer not to take their purses and other valuables inside the business with them. 

**Roll your windows up and lock your doors. (we often hear people say they leave their doors unlocked because they don't want to replace a window if a burglar breaks in. Burglars typically do not take the effort to break windows unless they see something inside a vehicle that they want).

**Do not leave valuables in plain view within the vehicle. (Backpacks, medication bottles, old empty purses and wallets, leather organizers/portfolios, cups full of coins, cigarettes, and many other items may not seem valuable to you, but a burglar might feel otherwise. For example: if you use a shopping bag to store trash in your car, a burglar might break your window assuming that it is full of merchandise)

**Remove GPS devices, phones, tools, IPads, laptops, stereo faceplates, and similar/valuable items when the vehicle is not attended, even if you are just leaving it unattended for a short time such as when you are picking up your kid from day care.

**High dollar, after-market speaker boxes and amps are safer if installed in the trunk.

**Report suspicious activity immediately to the police i.e. juveniles out past curfew, people walking around trying car door handles to see if they are unlocked or are peeking into the windows of random vehicles.

**Having a car alarm installed is also an option.

**Try to find a way to keep your driveway lit at night.

**If going to a store, park in well lit and highly observable area if possible. If you park next to a large vehicle, it reduces visibility and may put your vehicle at higher risk of being burglarized.
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