Residential Burglary Prevention

Window Blinds and Curtains
We recommend closing your window blinds or curtains when you are away from your home. If left open, a potential burglar could peer in to see if there are any valuables worth breaking in for. Also, if they can see through the window, they may feel a lower risk of breaking-in if there doesn't appear to be any people or large dogs in the home.

Exterior Doors (3inch Screws)
There are many upgrades that can be made to improve the security of your home's exterior doors; some are more costly and time consuming such as steel door jam braces. We encourage you to research all the options if interested.

We wanted to tell you about this very SIMPLE, QUICK, and CHEAP way to greatly enhance the security of your exterior doors by using 3 inch screws. Sometimes just a single kick or shouldering a door can bust open a door... jamb/frame when only the shorter screws that come with the deadbolt and door knob kits are used. Sgt Peterson explains the 3 inch screw upgrade in this video.

Fact: This upgrade is one of the requirements for apartment properties to be certified in the Midwest City Police Department's Crime Free program.