Taxes & Licensing

Not every occupation or business requires licensing and licensing applications and requirements vary at the county, state and federal levels.  Because of this, licensing can a frustrating task. While this guide is not necessary all-inclusive, we hope to provide some insight into basic licensing requirements.


The City of Midwest City Licenses the following occupations/businesses: 

Adult Day Care

Alcohol Sales - Caterer

Alcohol Sales - Low-Point Beer

Alcohol Sales - Server

Alcohol Sales - Special Event

Alcohol Sales - Retailer

Alcohol Sales - Wholesaler

Amusement Center

Billiard Hall


Childcare -



Food Establishment

Food Establishment Worker

Food Truck Operator


Manufactured House (Trailer) Park

House Mover

Mechanical (HVAC) Contractor

Mixed Beverage Dispensing

Paving Contractor


Pool Hall

Recreational Vehicle (RV) Park

Sign Contractor

Taxicab Driver


Is your business required to collect sales tax?  Do you know the local sales tax rates?  For more information, click here to access the Oklahoma Tax Commission's website.  Still confused?  Maybe it is time to enroll in the OTC's new business workshop!