Retail Sales Gaps

Last year, Oklahoma State University performed a sales gap analysis for the City of Midwest City.  This work included a scientific study of the city's economy based on prior year's sales versus what would be projected from a community with similar demographics.  Not surprising, the study revealed Midwest City had market penetration of over 100% in many categories.

However, there were some areas where we were lacking.

In particular, the OSU analysis proved opportunities still exist in apparel sales, especially in men's clothing.  We also appear to have an untapped market for jewelry and other accessories as well as formal clothing. These are areas where we have placed additional recruitment efforts.

Midwest City is also lacking entertainment options. We are very fortunate to have the Hudiburg Chevrolet Performing Arts Center at Rose State College, but we have been without a movie theater since 2009.  We would also like to see other entertainment options that appeal to younger children.

For a complete copy of the OSU Sales Tax Analysis and accompanying Apparel Sales Analysis please contact Robert Coleman at (405) 739-1218.