Business Development Checklists

___  Perform a self-assessment:  Are you financially, physically and mentally ready for the challenges that lie ahead?
___  Determine if the product or service is viable.
___  Educate yourself about the industry through coaching, training and/or experience.
___  Create a business plan.
___  Choose a name for your business
___  Estimate start up and operational costs.
___  Get friends and family support; line up investors.
___  Select a business name apply for trademark if possible.
___  Register domain name for internet presence.
___  Start relationship with an attorney; takes the steps needed to separate personal finances from business.
___  Establish LLC or incorporate.
___  Determine legal requirements for doing business from the local, state and national levels.  Licensing?  Taxes?  Permits?
___  Create a cyber presence.
___  Initiate relationship with a lending institution, set up accounts.
___  Obtain software and set up procedures for accounting and cash management.
___  Consult a certified public accountant for tax advice and audit purposes.
___  Find a good location and lease space.
___  Obtain any insurance necessary.
___  Remodel and equip place of business as needed.
___  Plan ahead:  Daily work plan and schedule, annual goals and objectives, marketing, emergency operations, and long range plans.
___  Contract for additional services as necessary or hire personnel.