Demolition - House Moving

A permit is required for the demolition of residential and commercial structures. A house moving permit is required prior to moving a house from one location within Midwest City to another location in Midwest City. If you would like to move a house into Midwest City, an inspection of the house is required prior to issuance of a permit.

The following requirements must be completed before a permit is issued and work may begin:

  • The applicant must obtain a release from all utilities having service connections within the structure (gas meter, water meter, electrical meter, telephone and cable connections).
  • A plumber licensed in Midwest City and the State of Oklahoma must obtain a permit to disconnect the sewer riser from the main line and seal the main line with a water-tight plug.
  • Septic tanks must be drained and filled. Water wells must be capped.
  • A current copy of the contractors General Liability Insurance and Workers Compensation must be on file with the City of Midwest City.
  • Complete Demolition/House Moving Permit application

Demolition Regulations

  • When a structure is removed or demolished, the premises must be maintained and free from all unsafe or hazardous conditions according to the lot regulations. Restoration of established grades and erections of necessary retaining walls and fences shall be done in accordance with the provisions of Article 30 of the Midwest City Code.
  • Removal of the foundation/slab, as well as all trash and debris, is required. Permanent soil stabilization with perennial vegetation shall be applied immediately on all disturbed areas not otherwise permanently stabilized. Failure to perform this task could result in the issuance of municipal citations with fines up to $1000 per day.

Land Disturbance Permit Application