Amending Plat

The purpose of an Amending Plat is to provide an expedited means of making minor revisions to a recorded plat. The Amending Plat allows these minor revisions without the need of filing a Plat Correction Certificate. The Amending Plat provides a means to relocate any lot line or to combine lots. An Amending Plat does not allow for the creation of new lots and is designed only to modify existing recorded plats.

A mandatory pre-application conference with city staff is required at least 7 days before a formal Amending Plat application can be submitted. The pre-application conference is intended to allow for the exchange of non-binding information between the applicant and city staff to ensure that the applicant is informed of pertinent city development regulations and processes. The pre-application conference provides and opportunity for the applicant and city staff to discuss major development considerations such as utilities, roadways, drainage concerns, comprehensive plan elements, specific neighborhood characteristics and historic information.

To schedule a pre-application conference, please call Lora Gwartney, 405-739-1265 or Kellie Gilles, 405-739-1223.

Please click on the link below for information regarding the Amending Plat process.

Subdivision Regluations - Amending Plat