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Currently, you can obtain atlas pages for Water and Sewer Infrastructure and/or Drainage Infrastructure by submitting the following information by email.

Map of City Streets by City Grid

Please email the following information to:

  • Name of requestor
  • Organization/company requestor is associated with
  • Email of requestor
  • Phone number of requestor
  • Sections required (using the A-1, B-2, etc. grid designations shown on the map above - if you are not sure of the grid you need, you can go to the Citizens MapViewer page and use the Tools/Find Address to get to your area of interest then turn on the City Grid layer under Map Layers of Interest or use the ID tool to click on the map and get the pertinent information)
  • Data required - Water/Sewer, Drainage, Both
Atlas pages in PDF format (11"x17") will be emailed to the requestor within two (2) working days.