Results of Police Department Study

During the summer of 2016, the Mayor and City Council approved entering into a contract with Matrix Consulting Group to conduct a police department master plan study for the City of Midwest City.  A committee was created to oversee the progress and to provide information to Matrix.  This committee was comprised of council members, city management, executive staff of the police department and the labor unit.

Collection of the information for the study began after Matrix was awarded the contract.  The methodology used in the analysis included several aspects; internal interviews, external stakeholder interviews, anonymous employee surveys, comparative surveys, and data collection.

The 155 page final report is extensive and allows for the reader to understand a footprint of where the police department has been, where we are today and where we want to be in the future.  It is the first of its kind in-depth review of the agency to help our citizens, elected officials, city management and police department employees grasp the full assessment of current, short range and long term issues facing the agency.

We hope you enjoy the content and please contact us should you have any questions.  The study is a recommendation of best practices used across the United States and some suggestions may not be feasible at this time due to financial restraints or other factors.

In summary, the city as a whole is pleased with the findings and look forward to implementing change that will make our agency more effective and efficient while maintaining appropriate staffing levels.  Please know that the information provided during the inquiry will be continually reviewed and acted upon when necessary.  A strategic implementation committee has been set up and consists of executive staff within the department who will be responsible to ensure we use the recommendations as a roadmap towards success.


Chief Brandon Clabes

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