Making a Difference Poster Series

The Making a Difference Poster Series was created to share information about significant projects that the City has undertaken. Many of these projects required multiple departments working in together to create a better built environment in Midwest City. Most of the projects were responses to problems that were occurring. Other projects are the addition of amenities that make our community a more enjoyable place to live. Sharing the background information about projects with the public helps explain where tax dollars are spent and also that projects may be more involved than they might appear through the windshield. The public officials and employees at the City of Midwest City continue to strive to make a difference every day.

  1. Trails Master Plan
  2. North Oaks Revitalization
  3. Storm Shelter Program
  4. SCIP Trails
  5. Hospitality District
  6. Community Appearance

For more information about Midwest City's expansive trails plan, please click here.

Master Trails Plan (JPG)