2018 Bond Projects - Information and Updates


Voters Approve Four Propositions for Quality of Life Projects in MWC

To fund needed improvements in our community, the Midwest City Council unanimously approved a resolution calling for a Special Election for citizens to vote on four propositions. On August 28, 2019 voters approved all four of the propositions that will meet important needs in different categories of essential city services: streets, water, parks and recreation and public safety. (For more information on each of the four propositions, click on the tabs below.)

Voter approval of the propositions authorized the City to issue General Obligation Bonds in the amount approved for all of the projects within each proposition.


At the October 9, 2018 Council meeting, the City Council approved the schedule for the three phases for bond issuance as well as the project prioritization for the three phases.


On February 12, 2019 the City Council voted to award the sale of $20 million in General Obligation Bonds to BOK Financial Securities, the lowest bidder with a 25-year interest rate of 3.17333% based on the City's excellent bond rating of AA-. Funds from the sale of the bonds will be available April 1. This is the first phase of the bond issuance schedule. 

On May 14, 2019 the City Council approved the sale of $17.25 million in General Obligation Bonds to D.A. Davidson, the lowest bidder with a 25-year interest rate of 2.78111% based on the City's excellent bond rating of AA-. Funds from the sale of the bonds will be available June 27. This is the second phase of the bond issuance schedule. 

Phase III will be issued in early 2020.

(See the Project Prioritization for each of the areas by clicking on the tabs below.)

Images relating to the four propositions

  1. Streets (Prop. 1)
  2. Water (Prop. 2)
  3. Parks/Rec (Prop. 3)
  4. Public Safety (Prop. 4)

Residential Streets
Proposition #1 is to repair or repave 249 residential streets. Midwest City residents noted repair of residential streets as a priority in the last Citizen Survey. 

We will be investing $15,965,000 in repairing 249 residential streets throughout the community.

Phase I

  • Street Repair (49.75%) - $7,943,425

Phase III

  • Street Repair (50.25%) - $8,021,575

Why General Obligation Bonds?

A General Obligation (GO) Bond is a low-risk loan that cities frequently use to fund capital improvement projects. The City Council views GO Bond projects as an investment in the future of our community. Many of these projects don't have fees or other sources of revenue associated with them so it is difficult to fund development, replacement, and maintenance. 

Without using bonds, funding for these projects would have to come from our general fund revenues, which rely heavily on sales taxes. Unfortunately, our sales tax revenues have been flat for a number of years. After we meet our operational needs each year, there is very little left for these types of quality-of-life projects that make the community a desirable place to live.

How The General Obligation Bonds Are Repaid

The 25-year GO Bonds will be repaid by raising property taxes for residential and non-residential properties in our city. The increases are based on the property's market value.

Example: A property owner with a net assessed value of $100,000 will see an increase in property taxes of about $8-$9 per month, or about $100 per year. (There may be additional tax benefits for those who qualify. You can check with your tax consultant for more information.)


If you have questions about any of the projects, you can contact the City Manager's office at 739-1204 or 739-1202.  

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