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January 12, 2017

S.E. 15th ST Road Construction

S.E. 15th ST - Oelke to Midwest Blvd.:
* Crews have finished the asphalt on the northern half of S.E. 15th ST
* Crews have completely demoed the northwest quadrant portion of southwest and northeast quadrant of S.E. 15th ST/Midwest Blvd.
* Crews will be preparing subgrade and base in next few weeks
* Preparing subgrade at the portion of S.E. 15th ST from Lockheed to Sandra

S.E. 15th ST - Lynn Fry to Anderson RD
* Crews have finished pouring concrete for the main part of drainage structure A. Will have to wait on concrete to cure 28 days before starting dirt work over the structure.
Contractor has pre-staged some dirt to expedite process once it can begin.
* Asphalt base has been laid at the intersection of S.E. 15th ST and Westminster RD. Concrete pours for the final surface have already begun and will take place over the next few weeks.
* Detour roadway has been set on the portion of the road from Oakwood East to apartments. Contractor has dirt work nearly compete on that portion and has some base asphalt laid.
* Storm pipe work from Lynn Fry to drainage structure A is nearly complete. Recently, last big pipe section was completed.

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Latest Update:

April 27, 2017 9:05 AM

S.E. 15th ST & Westminster update: Be advised the contractor has scheduled to shift traffic on Westminster Road on Friday, April 28th. They will be shifting traffic onto the new concrete portion along Westminster. Please be careful as it will be a new pattern.

The road should remain open but there will likely be delay while they are making the shift.