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Posted on: January 30, 2017

City Council approves contracts for new recreational trails

The City Council has approved entering in a contract with Tony Boone Trails, L.L.C. (Contractor) in the amount of $50,000 to provide design/construction services for a new Soldier Creek Industrial Park (SCIP) Recreational Trail.

In addition, the council approved entering in a contract with Oklahoma Earthbike Fellowship, Inc. for the upkeep and maintenance of the SCIP Recreational Trail at no cost to the city.

In September 2016, Midwest City’s application was approved for Recreational Trails Program funds from the State of Oklahoma to develop and construct a recreational trail along Soldier Creek between Mid-America Park and N.E. 23rd ST.  The application also included an American Disability Act (ADA) compliant trailhead and parking.  The project location is within approximately 77 acres of city-owned property.

Midwest City was awarded $140,000 in construction funding, along with an additional $35,000 in matching funds that was budgeted in FY 16-17.  Additionally, city crews will be providing approximately $12,000 of in-kind labor, equipment and surplus material.

The balance of the funds will be used for construction of the parking lot and trail head amenities.

The contract with the Contractor will include the design and construction of approximately 3-5 miles of 36” – 40” wide multi-purpose (mountain bike and running) sustainable non-motorized, off-road trail.  The city expects a turn-key product and one that will meet the International Mountain Biking Associations guidelines, as well as the U.S. Forest Service Standard Trail Specification and Drawings.

The Contractor will provide all labor, equipment, technical assistance and expertise necessary to complete the project.

The design specification for the trail include:

  • 36” – 40” wide trail – 6,000 LF Green Loop
  • 36” – 40” wide trail – 3,500 LF Climbing
  • 36” – 40” wide trail – 2.500 LF Green Flow
  • 36” – 40” wide trail – 1,750 LF Blue Flow

Construction of the project will begin in February and is expected to take approximately 90 days. Construction of the parking lot is already underway.

The purpose of the contract with Oklahoma Earthbike Fellowship (OEF) is to provide landscape improvements and needed maintenance of the mountain bike trails for 5 years.  Under the contract, OEF agrees to purchase all materials and provide all labor for the maintenance of the trails.  OEF will utilize volunteers to fulfill its contractual obligations.

City officials state that there will be an annual inspection of the trails to assure proper ongoing maintenance of the facilities is taking place.

Grants Management Director Terri Craft said that the SCIP trails will provide off-road biking and hiking enthusiasts with a new venue in Midwest City, while complementing our growing network of pedestrian trails. “This new trail is a welcomed addition to our system and one that we have wanted to add for some time.  It will greatly complement our existing seven miles of trails throughout Midwest City,” Craft said.

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