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Posted on: July 10, 2017

MWC launches new public application (app)

The City of Midwest City has recently launched a new application (app), called My_MWC.  The free app can be accessed from either the Android or IPhone app store. 

The app is very interactive with the city’s website,, in that through it you can access the website.  In addition, the app features a Report a Concern section. Through this, citizens may report issues in and around the City that they think may cause a problem or even injury to someone if not corrected.

Areas that you can report through the Report a Concern feature would include pot holes, street lights out, graffiti on public building or in parks, issues with the trail system, street lights out, tall grass, etc.  Once the report is sent by the resident, it is received by the appropriate department.  The sender will receive an automated reply stating that the concern has been received.  Then, once the concern has been resolved, the citizen will receive a response stating the status of the issue.  Residents can also include a photo of the concern to go along with the report.

“Our hope is that citizens will not only enjoy the convenience of the app and how it interacts with the city website, but, with also with how convenient it is to report a variety of concerns,” Public Works Director Vaughn Sullivan said.

Because the app is not intended to take the place of 9-1-1, citizens are always encouraged to continue to call 9-1-1 in case of an emergency.

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