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Adult Softball Registration Form- TEAM

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  6. League fee & forfeit deposit info

    Registration fees are due the week before the season begins. You can make payments at the Parks & Recreation Department. Please make checks payable to: Midwest City Activity Fund. Cash and credit cards are welcome. Teams will not be put on the schedule unless league fees have been paid in full. Please note: team forfeit deposit ($136 in cash) goes to the Umpire in Chief, NOT the Parks & Recreation department. Forfeit deposits must be made on the first week of season or the umpires will not let teams play. Total league fees: $325 + tax/ team for Spring 2019 $400 + tax/ team for Summer and Fall 2019 Umpire fees: $17/ team/ game for 2 Umpires, $12/ team/ game for 1 Umpire. Forfeit deposit: $136/ team (paid to Umpire in Chief first week of games) USSSA Sanctioning fee: $25/ team every calendar year

  7. Waiver

    Hold Harmless Agreement: I agree to indemnify and hold harmless the City of Midwest City, its officers, directors, employees, agents, and representatives from any and all claims, demands, injuries, damages, and/or losses, whether personal or property, sustained by me or any members of my family while on any City of Midwest City premises or while involved in any City of Midwest City sponsored activity. Program Attendance Policy: Participant attendance is important. In an effort to provide programs/services to desiring participants, the City of Midwest City requires participants to attend all games during the season. If teams do not show up, they need to call/ email the Sports Supervisor with at least 48 hours’ notice to rearrange the schedule. Game Cancellation Policy: The City of Midwest City may cancel games due to inclement weather. Please call the rainout line at 739-1295 for updated information. The City of Midwest City will do its best to reschedule games due to weather.

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    Please check that you have read and understand the waiver and the policies.

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  10. League fee receipt #: ______________ Date: ________ Staff Initials:__________ Forfeit deposit receipt #:____________ Date: ____________ Staff Initials: ________

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